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Monday, October 3, 2011

It's been forever since I posted. Well, just over two months. Forever in blog time!

My gig with Harvard is done on Wednesday. I never had the of say I work/ed for Harvard University, but now I can say I have. Wish they would pay me! I'm working with great women of various backgrounds. We've sat around and chatted over lunch for the past four weeks. Today, one told me about a fabric store in Phoenix I'd never heard of. Hope to check it out on Weds. after work. Can't buy anything, but... But the job has been good--getting out, seeing cute kids who are well behaved one-on-one...

Really have to look for a full time job soon. But I want a job I love and can do well and feel good and passionate about. I want to write fulltime.

I could gripe about Unemployment, but I'll spare you.

I like to think I'm almost finished with Another Place on the Planet! I'm at the end, but I threw those pages together quickly. It was the end of my teaching career and I couldn't think so I just came up with things and said I's clean it up later. So that's what I'm doing, cleaning up. Buy the end of the month...

But I got myself into being a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo so that will take time, but I'll get to meet people and that's what I want. Maybe it will look good on a resume-recent volunteer work.

All brothers and sister will be in town this weekend. Mom wanted a family reunion. I'm having an issue (in my head and heart) about my brother but I can't go into it because I should hash it out with him instead of putting in in my blog. I need the Lord to change my heart about it, be less judgmental, more supportive. What's done can't be undone, but I hope he learns to live honestly. His telling us he was living one way then it comes out he wasn't, that's what burns my grits.

I miss choosing several pumpkins at Hoover's farm market!
I hope we get the rain we need to change the temperature. I'm tired of hot. It's been less hot but I want warm/cool. I want fall!

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