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Friday, October 1, 2010

Living in the back of the house

Our roof top air conditioning unit died. Well, not completely. It needs a blower motor transplant.

We sort of almost have the money. Sort of. In the meantime, since summer won’t let go here in the Southwest, we moved to the back of the house. We have window AC units in the AZ room and the 3rd bedroom in the back of the house. Fortunately, there’s a bath, too. Only have to go to the front for clothing and things from the office.

I’m glad we have this refuge. The Ikea futon is a comfortable bed. I miss writing in my office or with my feet propped up on the loveseat., though. The bedroom AC is old and a little loud but it blows cold. We use a fan to blow in cool from the AZ room to the kitchen to cook and eat, so we’re not suffering.

Wish we could afford to replace the blasted thing ($5,000-6000).

Wish it would cool off. Jeepers, it’s October. We’re wasting good weather being hot!

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